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Qué es y para qué sirve el P.L.V.

What is POS advertising and what is it for?

The POS material (initials of Advertising in the Point of Sale) is any element that represents a brand, company, price promotion, discounts, benefits of a product, etc. at the point of sale.
This PLV material is designed for a company / brand / product to be known or stand out from the rest of the competition.

This is because it is always located at the point of sale where the customer makes his purchase decision. The POS material has now diversified a lot, basically due to new advertising methods such as those related to ecommerce.

Years ago, only posters alluding to the product or brand that were wanted to be used were used, then a new POS model focused on the design of cups, pencils, caps, umbrellas, badges, agendas, stickers for vehicles, etc. was generated. This motivates the customer to acquire the product or be a participant in the service delivered. By developing the POS material and well focused on the segment of clients that we intend to address, you can obtain several benefits:
-Increase product rotation at retail.
-increase sales of a specific product
-Within the advertising options, this is one of those that involve lower costs, increasing the image of the brand and helping to familiarize it with the final consumer.
-Customer loyalty towards already positioned brands.
-Popularize the new brands that are being launched to the market.
-It allows to attract the attention of the consumer thanks to a better retail presentation of the
-Greater visibility of the product, features, offers etc.