A new PLV challenge in the commitment to sustainability

  |    |  A new PLV challenge in the commitment to sustainability

NATUFLEXX: a new generation of compostable films that specific notably to improve the sustainability of modern graphic products.
NATUFLEXX® is a new generation of biodegradable films based on renewable resources (PLA biological base resin) and is the first step of an ambitious project, with the aim of boosting the graphic arts industry toward more sustainable solutions and offer consumers the possibility to choose natural products that reduce gas emission reductions from greenhouse effect and post-consumption waste.

In many applications, NATUFLEXX® films can replace plastics petroleum derivatives such as polypropylene, polyester or polyethylene,
resources two key environmental advantages: biological origin, certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, and compostability according to EN13432

This innovative material allows to give the cardboard a “laminated” treatment with vegetal and compostable biodegradable material returning the cardboard one of its main properties such as Low environmental impact. It is cellulose obtained from the cornstarch, with which it is possible to create this vegetal lamination. It offers the same characteristics of traditional plasticizing, adding the advantage of being compostable, since, in situations of light and humidity, this material decomposes in a matter of a few months. With this we managed to design parts and advertising products for points of sale without aesthetic restrictions, applying the desired finish from the point of view of communication and design without compromising our efforts to preserve the environment and reduce our footprint as part of the complete recyclability cycle.

This product is offered exclusively by our company to manufacture products where more sustainable materials are required.

• The film is made of renewable resources (plants) and not oil
• Compostable
• Excellent transparency and brightness
• Great barrier to fats and oils

Paper adhesive without micro plastic
100% compostable in 6 months
Mechanical and visual physical qualities above regular plastic lamination.